Club Volleyball

Get What You Want

There are many ways you can persuade coaches and scouts to get what you want. But sometimes it becomes really hard to make Coaches listen to what you have to say and win them over to your side. Today more and more people are skeptical of other people’s intentions and it makes them not want to trust people easily.

There are keys that you have to remember before you can get a Club Team to give you something you want. Remember Club Volleyball coaches have the teams best interest at heart. You have to get past the walls of their skepticism.

Building credibility is the first thing that you should do in order to make a believer out of your possible future Coach. Give them evidence of your accomplishments.

To build credibility you can use a previous Coaches Letter of Recommendation. Use what they say to your advantage. Coaches dislike negativities and in order for them to trust you stress the positive aspects in what you are trying to say. Present your future Coach with benefits and advantages that are realistic because the more feasible your arguments are the more they will trust in what you have to say.

Provide concrete proof because seeing it rather than hearing it is what will win them over. Find evidence that will support your cause or back up with you are saying. Presenting them with proof will erase any doubts they may have.When you can show them proof you make them think that you know what you are doing and you are not simply posing and pretending like you are the expert on these things.

Just make sure that you always stick to the truth. Do not falsify evidence or make up things in order to convince the Coach because that will not do you good in the long run. You might think that you can get away with it but there is always the risk of running into someone who knows better and the last thing you need is another person or Coach contradicting your presentation.

Make sure that you are indeed credible and reliable as what you present yourself to be. This is the first step into winning Club Volleyball Coaches over. If you have the talent they need, it will get you what you want.