Beach spikers virtual beach volleyball trailer

Trailer for Beach Spikers Virtual Beach Volleyball from the Nintendo Preview 2002 DVD. Rate, comment, whatever. Disclaimer: I do not own this trailer or Nintendo. All rights go to Nintendo….

Mvb: no. 9 ucsb to take on no. 2 usc tonight at the t’dome!

UCSB men’s volleyball takes on No. 2 USC tonight at 7:30 pm in the Thunderdome. Be there!…

Volleyball training – the pancake up-down – athletic edge, glen burnie, md

Here is a great volleyball exercise that we developed using the “pancake” move in volleyball. This combines an up-down, or burpee, with our pancake push up. Try it!…

Serve Volleyball

A Powerful Serve

The best way to put the pressure on the opposing team is by attacking and nothing is more devastating than a phenomenal Serve. Even the best teams have a hard time defending an outstanding Serve. If a team is good enough at the service, the opponent cannot win. In the game of volley ball, service is the key. And service is the only fundamental that is 100% under your control. A great Serve can win a game for your team just like bad serving can lose the game for you.

Tips to optimize service form:

(1)Elbow: Whenever you are serving, keep one thing in mind on your elbow position. You need to keep your elbow high, when you swing your arm. That will help the chances of the ball clearing the net.

How to measure that your elbow is high enough?

Whenever you pull your elbow down before you toss the ball, you can stop and try to look below your elbow. Your elbow should never be lower than your ear.

(2) Toss: The second most important thing while serving is, tossing the ball. If you have not been able to toss the ball perfectly, there is no chance of serving well. So, it is very important that you toss the ball the exact same way every time.

Here are some points to remember while tossing the ball.

• Practice the toss by keeping the ball safe in the palm of your hand.
• Toss should be 2 to 3 feet high in the air.
• Your arm should be completely extended in front of you and needs to be straight enough.
• Keep your weight on your back foot until you are ready to start your arm swing.
• You should practice tossing the ball over and over again. The ball should fall six to eight inches in front of your foot.
• Use your front foot toe as a guide.
• You have to keep your body balanced.

(3)Face Your Target: Set your body in a manner that it helps you while serving. If you choose to serve down the line, you have to square the shoulders and the hips, set straight your toe and toss the arm down the line. It will not help you, if you attempt to cover or hide where you want to serve during the service. If you try to make the other side fool by improper positioning of your body to misguide them, the loss would be more to you than them. This is because your action may result in a bad service or you may not be able to pass the ball over the net effectively.

The best way to improve the Volleyball Serve is to continue practicing with the above tips.

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