Volleyball High School

Coaching High School Volleyball

Coaching Volleyball can be very demanding at times and sometimes overwhelming. Expectations are higher from the people as well as the volleyball players. Players expect you have all the answers all of the time.

So, ultimately it gets tougher for coaches to deliver what is expected of them.

Players are enthusiastic and have all the energy in the world at the start of a season, but as the season progresses, coaching volleyball gets tougher. Its the Coaches job to keep the team inspired.

Practices should be made a fun and not just a repeat of the day before. The Coach needs to mix it up as much as possible.

A Volleyball Player generally is exhausted and their focus tends to be not quite as strong towards the end of the season. Here are some tips for Coaching Volleyball that can make a difference and turn practices into a fun filled learning experience.

During warm ups take the initiative and get involved and work out with the Players

The initial step of the day’s work for players is the warm up. If that starts on a low note, it is not a good sign, which invariably is the case. Even though warm-ups are a routine, they can still be dealt with, a bit
more artistically. There can even be simple games instead of just getting up and running laps or getting yourself stretched. Dodge ball and freeze-tag can be such options.

Tag and Freeze

This is a simple game, where a Player takes the responsibility of tagging all the other Players. Once that Player touches another, they are tagged. It means that they need to freeze and stand spreading their legs broad.To unfreeze, another player has to dive between the legs of the frozen player. The game goes on this way until all the Players have been tagged. This is really a good exercise as it trains and conditions the Players at the same time with running and diving.

Dodge This

This is another interesting exercise that gets the Players pumped up. The Team is divided into group of two. They stand opposite each other and each Team has the task of hitting members of the opponent Team.

Once a Player gets hit or his throw is caught by the opponent he or she is sent to jail, which is the area behind the opponent Team’s zone. He or she can then free themselves by grabbing the ball and striking a player of opposite team. This exercise increases your reflexes and helps sharpen your all round skills.

Ideas for the future

Goals should be set by the Players as well as by the Volleyball Coach about how the team should perform. Proper planning and goal setting are a must. Each player should write down 3 issues that he or she thinks should be done for the betterment of Team. This way they feel more involved and there are more ideas to shape the Team. Team goals can then be worked on accordingly.

In summary a Coach that involves the Players in the decision process of setting goals and actually engages during practices has a much better chance of taking his or her Team to the Championship game!