How to BUMP SET a VOLLEYBALL (Volleyball Tutorial)

What happens if you cannot use your hands to set the ball? It’s essential to learn how to bump set or set the ball with your platform, especially if you are not a setter. Watch this FREE volleyball tutorial video so you can learn how to effectively bump set a volleyball in different situations. HOW TO FORM A PLATFORM – https:// RUN THROUGH PASSING – https:/

The Score: UAAP 79 Women’s Volleyball last day of elimination round

UAAP Women’s Volleyball teams tough it out on the last day of Season 79’s elimination round set. Subscribe to ABS-CBN Sports And Action channel! – Watch the full episodes of The Score on IWANT.TV for Philippine viewers, click: Visit our website at Facebook: https:// Twitter: https://

PART I – Heated Game – Two Male Japanese Volleyball Players Confront Each Other & Kiss at 0:21

Do view the complete list here: https:// Check out the same clip but with better video resolution of 360p here: https:// LOL! Make love not war? Talk about getting physical on the volleyball court. The one in red is Yu Yamamoto (Twitter: @yama1mo26 & IG: @yamamoto__yu). The one in blue is Takuya T

AIM FOR SEAMS – Volleyball Tip Of The Week #2

The best place to aim when you serve is the seams, which means to aim in between 2 players. Watch this video and find out why! Learn how to Aim Your Serve in this video https:// Watch free volleyball lesson videos about how to serve a volleyball below! HOW TO SERVE Serving Fundamentals – Jump Float Serve – Jump Pow

FIRM HAND – Volleyball Tip Of The Week #1

This week’s volleyball tip is about how to set the volleyball with one hand. This volleyball tutorial video focuses on one aspect of one handed setting. If you would like to watch the entire instructional video about how to set with one hand, you can watch this free volleyball lesson here SETTING TUTORIAL VIDEOS Setting Fundamentals – Timing + Sensit

Daniel Yang SETTER Highlights – NCVA 2017 League Qualifier Volleyball

Watch Daniel Yang, the setter from “Tall Ones” (my team), and his highlights from the NCVA 2017 League Qualifier tournament. Daniel Yang is 26 years old, 5’9, and played for Mission San Jose high school boys varsity team, taking them to their first NCS Finals appearance in 2009. The tournament took place at the Sportshouse in Redwood City, California, USA. Volleyball Tutorial Videos – https://g

Best | Crazy | Unbelievable | Moments in Volleyball

Best | Crazy | Unbeliveble | Moments in Volleyball Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court under organized rules. It has been a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games since 1964. The complete rules are extensive. But simply, play proceeds as follows: a pla

Top 10 Volleyball Attacks by Ivan Zaytsev

✔ Full name – Ivan Zaytsev ✔ Nickname – Zar (King) ✔ Birth Date – 02/10/1988 ✔ Birth Place – Spoleto, Italy ✔ Height – 2.02 m (6 ft 8 in) ✔ Weight – 92 kg (203 lb) ✔ Spike – 355 cm (140 in) ✔ Block – 348 cm (137 in) ✔ Position – Opposite spiker ✔ National team – Italy ✔ Current club – Sir Safety Conad Perugia ✔ Number – 7 ✔ Instagram –

Connex A Hitting Lines – 2015 Finals 9 Man Volleyball

I recorded the Connex A hitting lines from the final match against Zen Qi. This was at the 2015 NACIVT National Chinese 9 Man Volleyball tournament. These guys are machines! Great form and technique, and they are much more than a hitting lines team. These guys can BALL. Watch more men’s and women’s volleyball highlights and games from amateur to professional level on my YouTube playlist https:

How To BOUNCE A VOLLEYBALL (Volleyball Tutorial)

Learn how to bounce a volleyball for an impressive spike, taught by Professor PenuelJoshBarrina. I’ve never really trained to bounce a volleyball since all my training was geared toward scoring points in a game, which included tooling the block, swinging for deep corners, and challenging the block high. Now that I’m not playing as competitively as before, I set myself a new goal to finally learn

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